SEO Factors With Website Development

Do you know the worst feeling ever? It’s the realization that you haven’t accomplished anything despite putting in much effort. Nowadays, website owners are most commonly encountering such situations. They dedicate their hard-earned money, time, and effort to establishing an online presence.

Yet receives no beneficial results!

This issue happens due to the lack of SEO and web development knowledge. The business owner believes that only having a website is enough, but that’s not true.

The hustle for search engine rankings is getting more challenging each day. If your website lacks SEO, it will be just like a digital brochure. Too many technical elements may decide a website’s overall performance, including the factors involved in SEO website design.

To not regret the misstep later, it is recommended to prefer SEO web development from scratch.

5 Major Benefits of SEO Friendly Website Development

If you purchase a car from a showroom, will you ask for a whole car, or will you opt to buy the components one by one, like headlights, tires, staring, and so on?

Yeah, it’s a silly question, but why do this kind of stuff with your website?

First, develop a website, add the SEO factors, implement an SEO friendly website design, and then upload SEO-friendly content. Isn’t it hectic?

Then why not build an SEO-friendly website from scratch?

To deeply understand the importance of SEO in web development. Let’s explore the benefits one by one:

1. Easy Crawlability

The main aim of search engines is to give their users the most relevant and legitimate responses to their searches.

But have you thought about how Google always presents you with accurate information?

It occurs due to the crawlability and indexing of web pages associated with the keywords.

Google spiders (bots) crawl the websites and index them into their directory every time they go live on the search engine.

These Google bots crawl the website based on technical and content factors such as robots.txt files, keywords, meta and titles, and much more.

If you combine SEO-friendly website design from the start, such as keywords in the content, effective CTAs, simple readability, and a diversity of content types, then the crawlability score of your websites for relevant queries increases.

2. Automatic Reach

What is the point of having a visiting card without distributing it to anyone?

A website without SEO-friendly components is also like a visiting card only kept in the box. But a website with SEO-friendly features brings in many visitors for business.

Website design and SEO related content automatically increase the chances of ranking for specific keywords.

Using SEO elements for your website while in the development phase will help to get automatic reach and bring in much traffic from your targeted niche by the moment it goes live.

3. Time & Cost Saving

The average time to build a new website professionally is approximately five to six months.

The average costs of website development may range from $2,000 to $75,000 depending on the industry, business goal, requirements, and many aspects.

Suppose you invested this much time and money into your website development. After making your website live, you get to know that the website needs to be SEO friendly.

Then again, you will invest more time and monetary resources to achieve an SEO-compatible website. It will result in losses.

That’s why it is always beneficial to merge your website with SEO elements from the initial stage of development.

4. Effort Saving

A website may be of a single page or consist of multiple or uncountable web pages depending on the industry.

Website owners and their teams need to brainstorm categories, and product descriptions, figure out why people choose their services or products, and much more to offer on a website.

Again, after investing these many months and money, you realize that all web pages need to be revised regarding the SEO factors. Then what will be the point of these efforts?

That’s why SEO web development will help you to save your extra efforts and many unproductive hours.

5. Move Ahead of The Competition

There are more than 1.93 billion websites in the Google search index. That means multiple websites are competing for the top positions for the same query.

Stat Source – How Many Websites Are There? – The Growth of The Web (1990–2022)As everyone generally knows, SEO supports websites to rank in search engine result pages. SEO factors while developing a website will do wonders for the overall business.

It is vital to opt for SEO web development to stay in a dominant position and stay ahead of the competitors.

An SEO-compatible website will not only lead to victory over the competition in rankings but also help generate revenue and brand awareness for business.

List Of SEO Elements to Aid with Web Development

Now that you know the importance and benefits of SEO website development, here is a list of some elements you can ask your SEO web developers to involve in your website. This list can also be used as an SEO guide for web developers as a reference.

For a better understanding of their applications, we have classified them into two categories:

1. Technical Related SEO elements

The elements in this category are applied from the coding or programming part and influence the rankings in SERPs. Let’s look at them:

Structured Data Markup

Product data on your website is represented using structured data markup, which is machine-readable.

Your HTML markup helps Google and other search engines accurately understand and process your content.

The better Google understands the entities on your site, the better your rankings will be.

Optimized Images

SEO-friendly optimized images will help the websites rank faster. It provides search engines with contextual information.

The file names, captions, and alt tags used while uploading the images will help the search engines to identify the context and rank them for relevant queries.

Meta Description and Title Tag

The meta descriptions and title tags are crucial for SERPs ranking.

The meta description and titles of a webpage are intended to tell both search engines and users about the information contained inside the webpage.


Most people are unaware that Google maintains a distinct budget for crawling, which is commonly referred to as the “Crawl Budget.” This budget is based on the crawl rate limit and demand calculation.

If Google discovers that its crawling is slowing down the URL, the bots will reduce the crawling pace for that website. This approach will hold back the crawling rate of your website and will harm the SEO.

Using Robots.txt will save bots time by prohibiting them from crawling repetitive and duplicate information on a website. Robots.txt keeps bots away from unimportant pages, improving a website’s SEO.

XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps by name indicate that it refers to some map for the website. Yes, XML sitemaps guide search engine bots to find all the essential web pages and crawl them all.

XML Sitemaps act as a blueprint map for your website and helps bots to understand the structure of your website.

Page Speed

Google prioritizes fast-loading sites over sites that take much time to load. Page speed comes under the direct ranking factor in SEO.

Nowadays, to make websites more eye-catching, the new practices involve too many heavier elements in a website.

The elements, if not aligned to provide faster loading to websites, will directly affect the SEO and the user experience, hence less conversion rate.

2. Content Related SEO elements

The elements listed in this category are used in the content part of a website. These elements play a significant role and directly have an impact on SEO. Let’s look at them too:

Heading Tag

Heading tags are used in the website contents and blogs to separate the headings and subheadings. They are indicated with H1, H2, H3…H6.

H1 is the most important or the title of the piece of content, while H6 is the least important.

Using these tags indicates to the search engines how deep and information-rich the piece of content is. Proper use of heading tags will improve the SEO rankings.


Keyword stuffing is one of the negative factors for SEO. Google prohibits the websites from ranking when the bots identify the keyword stuffing in a web page or a blog page.

Using keywords smartly will be a game changer for your SEO. Proper keyword research will ensure that your website becomes more relevant to your target audience.

That’s why it is always ideal for getting your website’s content and blog from SEO professionals and content writers.

Alt Texts

Commonly referred to as “alt attributes”, “alternative texts,” and informally as “alt tags”. The alt texts indicate the ‘why aspect’ of any image in context to the webpage’s content.

Alt texts are read aloud and used for visually impaired users. Search engines use them to understand the context behind images, GIFs, infographics, and many more.

Alt texts directly improve the search engine ranking factors, increasing the chances of being shown for relevant queries. Alt text will also help rank the “Google Images” result page.

URL structures

Most website owners and developers ignore the URL structure of a webpage.

Although there are technical and contextual factors, the keywords used with proper structure will help the search engines to crawl the URL easily. At the same time, the visitors who read the URL also get contextual information related to the webpage.

A structured URL makes it easier for visitors to remember the address and revisit the website without hassle.

Content Readability

Have you tried figuring out “What is SEO Website Design?”

If yes, then you will understand the importance of content in the context of SEO. But if you do not know much about it, then there is no need to worry.

Although we will not give an entire lecture on content marketing, let us educate directly on the crux.

The user only sees the content, and should be available in an efficiently readable form for easy to digest.

The readability of the content helps both the users and the bots understand the content’s intent and overall meaning. Content readability improves SEO while also increasing conversions for your business.

Conclusion: Netleaf Software Saves Your Time, Money & Efforts with SEO and Web Development Services

You’ve probably heard the expression “the one who gets up early achieves more”!

We believe you realize the importance of SEO web development and understand why it is optimal.

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