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In this highly competitive industry, people struggle to establish their online presence in order to attract customers. But majority of the businesses fail due to poor execution of plans and lack of SEO knowledge. No matter if you have used best of the SEO practices; there are chances that you still may lose the battle. We are Net Leaf Info Soft, the top SEO Company in India. We have helped businesses survive to reach their targets in a given time period in their marketing domain. We have pushed and sky rocketed the sales of numerous businesses with our world class SEO services in India. We have been helping the businesses, big or small, since 2010 and have gained enough experience and knowledge of the market which is what you need for your business. We ensure that your project is in safe hands and it will experience betters sales in the time period. Over these years, internet has changed and the way people buy, has also changed. And we have understood everything well from business perspective so that we can provide you the best strategies for your business.

It is very time consuming and also takes great effort to reach to the top rankings in search engines. And this is what every business needs today. We deliver you our best practices of SEO to make sure that you attain what you desire in terms of traffic, leads and sales. Our result oriented White Hat SEO practices are designed strategically to ensure that your website gets better rank and you get better leads.

Market trends change online and to survive in this dynamic scenario, you need to stay updated with all the practices and tactics of search engines which isn’t a task of a day or two. You need experts and professionals who possess years of practical experience. This is where we come in picture! A top SEO company based in New Delhi, we are dedicated to deliver you desired results.

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Why our seo services in India strategy are best from others?

So, you own a business and you just got a website. This website is the face of your business. But what if no one knows that you own a website? What if you aren’t getting any visitor? The purpose of a website in this digital age is to promote your business online so that visitors can come and contact but if your website doesn’t rank well, you are losing your business. Hence, you need some SEO experts who can make your website visible online. Online visibility is a must if you are looking for traffic and lead generation for your business. And for this, the best practice is SEO (SEO Engine Optimization). Searching proper keywords and placement of keywords not only improves your website ranking and online visibility but also works as a powerful tool for lead generation. We target for relevant traffic which is beneficial for your business. We are top SEO Company based in Delhi and we can skyrocket your business. Top ranking is no more a challenge now. We perform the following actions to help you generate more traffic and better rank:

  • On Page SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • Competitor Analysis

We work on complete SEO optimization so that you can get targeted traffic. We believe in strategic action planning and the very first action is On Page SEO for your website. With our years of understanding of market and business requirement, we know which keyword is most searchable and how to target them. We work on putting required keywords properly and make sure that the content is of great quality. On Page SEO not only enhances the website readability but also improves the web rank in Google. With an increase in your web rank, your sales will also increase. Net Leaf Info Soft is an industry leader when it comes to top SEO services in India.

How do we make your business stand at the top with our best SEO services?

Poor web rank means less business. If you want to win and survive in this digital competitive age, you need to stay at the top all the time. No matter how hard you try, this situation remains out of hand and you need a dedicated team of SEO experts who own industry specific experience. That’s why we are here to help you out. Be it any business, our team is well versed and equipped with all the knowledge and tools & techniques. We optimize every possible keyword related to your business so that whenever there is a search query entered in Google related to your business, your website ranks at the top.

There is no use of a website if it doesn’t rank in search engine. No one wants a stale website. Even the search engines will also start to ignore if your website doesn’t have anything that can make it visible. Your competitors are attracting all the traffic and leads which you should have on your website. But, worry no more! We are here to fuel up your website so that it can push itself at the top of search engines. Our SEO services aren’t just meant to make your website visible in search rankings, but we also ensure that your website can attract considerable traffic resulting to leads. We put individual attention on every single SEO practice, be it link building or off page/on page SEO. Don’t just wait and let us make you reach at the top position.

Higher Ranking

You will surely get more traffic if your website has better/improved search engine positions. It is a fact that generally, people don’t move to the second page and only visit the website on the first page of the search engine result. This way you will lose your potential visitors. We won’t let this happen.

Organic Traffic

We work on organic practices and thus don’t involve in any paid campaigns. We make your website rank on the top organically through our best SEO practices. We are confident enough that we can make you win the battle organically only. You website will show up on the top page of search engine result.

Online Visibility

Brand recognition and online presence are important aspect to be taken into consideration when it comes to do business online. We will provide you enough support so that your website gets recognition leading to better page authority. Once you attain significant presence online, for sure, you will get better results.

Better Sales

Our target is to make you achieve more sales effectively. As a top SEO company in India, we understand the value of growth & sales and thus dedicate ourselves for your desired results. Certainly, you will get better sales and growth through our SEO strategies. Also, we ensure that you achieve your targets in given time.

Exceptional Growth

We write success stories. We have a long list of satisfied businesses that have touched the sky in terms of growth. Net Leaf Info Soft takes pride in sharing that our SEO services are meant to fasten your business growth exponentially. We put forward every possible technique and strategy so that you get what you want!

Faster Growth

Success takes preparation! By having your site’s SEO optimized to be found via search, you’ll see increases in relevant searches and traffic that will generate more sales and faster growth. Get your business up on page

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Our SEO Services Process

SEO Packages Basic Growth Booster
Keywords Plan 5 10 20
Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)* 20% 25% 30%
Initial Review & Analysis
In-depth site analysis Right Right Right
Duplicate Content Check Right Right Right
Competition Analysis Right Right Right
Keyword Analysis Right Right Right
Broken Links Check Right Right Right
Baseline Rank Report Right Right Right
Google Penalty Check Right Right Right
On Page Optimization
Canonicalization Right Right Right
Header Tags Optimization Right Right Right
Internal Link Structuring & Optimization 5 Pages 10 Pages 20 Pages
Image & Hyperlink Optimization Right Right Right
Robots.Txt Creation/Analysis Right Right Right
Xml Sitemap/Analysis Right Right Right
Google Webmaster Tools Set Up (if not set up) Right Right Right
Google Analytics Set Up (if not setup) Right Right Right
Title & Meta Tags Optimization 5 Pages 10 Pages 20 Pages
Content Optimization Right Right Right
Fresh Web Content Suggestion Right Right Right
Schema Implementation for Contact Address Right Right Right
Geo Targeting (via GWT & Code) right right right
Address add to current website page[s] (if applicable) right right right
KML Sitemap right right right
Page Speed Optimization Analysis* right right
Google Analytics Conversion Setup right right
Schema Implementation for Logo & Reviews right right
Location Based Page Analysis right right
Local Search Optimization
Google My Business Setup & Verification right right right
Google Places - Photo/Multimedia additions right right right
Business Listings / Local Citations 3 4 7
Bing Local Listing Setup right right right
Customer Reviews/Ratings 1 2 3
Content Marketing (per month)
Article Writing 1 1
Blog Writing 1 1 1
PDF Creation 1 1 1
Classified Writing 1 2 3
Off Page Optimization
Article Submission 1 1
Blog Submission 1 1 1
PDF / Doc Submission 2 3 5
Article Promotion 5 5
Blog Promotion 2 5 5
PDF Promotion 1 3 5
Classified Submissions 10 10 15
Blog Commenting 1 1 2
Search Engine Submission right right right
QNA 1 1 2
Social Media Optimization (per month)
Social Bookmarking 3 5 10
Google Plus Business Page Setup (One Time Activity if not existed) right right right
Google Listing Updates 2 2 5
Profile listing 2 3 5
Monthly Reporting
Search Engine Rank Report right right right
SEO Activitiy Reports right right right
Google Analytics Report right right right
Google My Business (GMB) Insights Report right right right
Customer Support
Email, Chat, Phone right right right
Project Management Tool Tracking right right right
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