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Smart Restaurant System

Smart and features loaded restaurant systems are the most important part of the restaurants. Therefore, we provide you the best smart restaurant system and applications that are easily accessible and multi-lingual to replace the old restaurant's catalog with the modern one. This system will also work as your best POS system.

Let your customers order food online directly from your website

We provide you the best, most accessible, and customized restaurant food ordering software solutions. This effective platform will help customers place an order quickly and hassle-free without any need for third-party integration. Moreover, you don’t need to make considerable payments on order.

In-built Loyalty System.

The in-built loyalty system will help to engage with the customers more impressively by offering the rewards. With this, you will be able to drive and retain the purchasing process to increase your profit.

Discount Engine.

This smart restaurant software solution will enable you to streamline the discount management that you provide on products.

Image Intensive Menu

The image intensive menu solution will help to retain more consumers to drive more sales. This platform will help to engage with the customers. Consumers can also see the catalog and image of the product on the menu.

Customizable Menu Items

Now you will be able to customize the menu items from the backend according to your need. This is a complete functional mega menu items solution from where you can edit and add all the items.

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Responsive Design.

Responsive design provides flexible layouts that help adapt according to the users' devices. The software we provide you helps to navigate and read them easily.

Flexible Payment.

The flexible payment options help enhance the return on investment, improve the cash flow and manage the TCO. Netleaf’s flexible payment option helps to boost up the business flexibility and agility.

Real Time Order Status.

Get real-time tracking that helps the users to track down the cash orders and delivery. Moreover, you can also see the order status.

Integrated Feedback System

We provide you the integrated feedback system that helps you exchange the data between all the feedback channels that further helps in controlling the insight.

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Management Software

Now take your restaurant system to the next level with the help of our customized management software solution. You will present your orders, offers, and finance task of smart restaurants from one application. The system that we offer to you is in multiple languages so that you can access it easily.

Manage at One Place.

Whether you want to buy the food application to control your order, delivery partners, or change the menus, you will achieve everything with this.

Monitor Performance.

This food ordering system helps you monitor everything such as order numbers, rating, reviews, canceled orders, and other things easily.

Analyse Sales Reports.

The analysis of sales reports will help to view, analyze and pull the business reports to identify the opportunities to expand your business worldwide.

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Route Optimization for Drivers

Route Optimization for drivers is to navigate easily and ensure all the deliveries will be on time. This app also allows you to assign the shortest pathway to deliver the food.

Order Fulfilment Status

After delivering the food, you will get the notification and digital signature to close the delivery task and get the status of the fulfillment of the delivery.

Real-time Tracking & Updates

Now you can allow your food delivery agents to track the food orders with the help of the food ordering system. Moreover, you get real-time updates.

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Product Features

Netleaf provides you with complete customized features that suit your restaurant's business needs.

Dynamic Minimum Order

You can set the minimum order values with the dynamic minimum order system for different locations.


Schedule your orders in advance with this software

Schedule Changes

Quick schedule changes and menu changes based on days and time to display on the menu bar


Your order is completely secure, and our services come with an SSL certificate

No Commissions

With this advanced online food delivery and ordering system, your faithful customers will be able to place their orders online straightforward from your site without the help of the third-party application. Moreover, you don't need to pay extra commissions.

Unlimited Orders

Get limitless orders without interruption from this online food delivery ordering system.


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