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15 FAQs on Web App Development

1. What are the platforms available for developing web apps?  

With a wide range of web apps emerging daily in the market, you’ve overwhelming options for web app development platforms to choose from. 

  • Angular JS developed by Misko Hevery at Google; Popular brands built – Netflix, Amazon, PayPal, etc.
  • ASP.NET developed by Microsoft; Popular brands built – Slack, Alibaba, MasterCard, etc.
  • Ruby on Rails developed by David Heinemeier Hansson; Popular brands built – Airbnb, Shopify, Zendesk, etc. 
  • React was built by Jordan Walke, at Meta; Popular brands built – Facebook Ads, Instagram, etc.
  • Laravel – Taylor Otwell created Laravel as an attempt to provide a more advanced alternative to the CodeIgniter framework
  • CodeIgniter – EllisLab made CodeIgniter public for the first time on February 28, 2006.

Based on your expertise in web app frameworks and requirements such as user experience, security, scalability, and so on, you can make the selection. Otherwise, leave it in the hands of the web app development agency you collaborate with.  

2. How long will it take to completely develop a web app?

The timeline will depend upon certain criteria such as requirements, complexity, available resources, expertise, etc. So, it’s quite hard to predict an actual range for every web app development project. 

It entirely depends on the scope of the project. However, on an average, it takes 4-5 months to build a web app from scratch. Else, if you’ve all the modules ready for the web app, it might take a period of 3-4 months.  

By communicating your requirements precisely to your web app development partners, you can possibly optimize the time period. 

3. What are the different stages in the web app development process?

To develop a full-featured web app, it should go around 7 different stages. We’ve highlighted below the workflow of web app development from the start. 

  • Stage 1: Gather your requirements  
  • Stage 2: Design the wireframe mockups
  • Stage 3: Add interactive elements & functionalities 
  • Stage 4: Develop the front-end and back-end of the web app through coding 
  • Stage 5: Add content to all sections 
  • Stage 6: Web app testing and QA
  • Stage 7: Post-launch maintenance of the web app

Make sure the web app development agency you partner with follows this workflow so nothing gets messed up.

4. How much will a web app development cost? 

The actual cost of developing a web app totally depends on the complexity & requirements of the project. We can just track the average price ranges. If your web app project is simple, then it ranges on an average between $15,000-$50,000. If your project has more complications, it might cost around $50,000-$150,000.

If you’ve unique requirements and are looking to request a custom quote, then checkout to this link.  

5. How many types of web apps do you develop?

Web apps are of different types including, 

  • Static web apps
  • Dynamic web apps
  • Single-page web apps
  • Multiple page web apps
  • Content management systems 
  • Portal web apps
  • Progressive web apps
  • E-commerce web apps
  • Animated web apps

And, our web app developers are specialized in building all these web app types efficiently. 

6. To what industries do you offer web app development services? 

It’s good to collaborate with a web app development agency, when you don’t have the expertise or time to concentrate on development activities. But one thing you must focus on is, the web app development agency you partner with should have the experience specifically in your niche. 

We at Netleaf Software, have a profound experience and skillset in web app development. Not only that, our experience with multiple clients belonging to different industries such as education, healthcare, travel, real estate, finance, e-commerce, and a lot more will help us find the best solution for you! 

7. How long have you been providing web app development services? 

As you partner with a web app development agency, you should note their presence in this field. Going through their portfolios, experience with clients, customer reviews, and case studies is important. And, noting down on how long they’ve been providing web app development services is equally important. 

At Netleaf Software, we’ve been in the web app development industry for more than 8+ years now. To explore our accomplishments in web app development, you can checkout our portfolio items. So, you can rely upon us for your web app development needs.  

8. Which programming technologies are you experts at?  

When it comes to web apps, there is client-side (front-end) and server-side (back-end) programming tech stack. Technology and tools play a pivotal role in web app development. 

The functionalities, user interface, interactions, and whatever implication you do, everything will solely rely upon the tech programming stack. So, when you decide on a web app for your business,  you should have a basic understanding of the tech stack available in the market. 

Here, at Netleaf Software, we use HTML and CSS for front-end and for back-end we use Java, PHP, and JavaScript.

9. Do you provide web app maintenance services? 

Like how you maintain your new car/home, it’s equally crucial to maintain your web app. You don’t stop by just buying a new car/home, you regularly clean, paint, fix the repairs, and so on. 

Similarly, a web app should be maintained frequently. You should check for software updates, fix bugs, and more for an optimal performance of your web app. It’s not possible without the help of a developer. So, it’s good if you confirm with your agency whether they will take care of the maintenance work. 

At Netleaf Software, we provide web app maintenance services, where we’ll be resolving bug fixes, speed optimization, software updates, database management, and many more.  

10. I only want to revamp my existing web app? Can I get it done? 

It’s good that you’ve decided to revamp your existing web app. A perfect revamp can shower many blessings on you like traffic growth, SEO visibility and will help you stay in-line with the trends. 

Making a successful revamp is in the hands of the developer. You can find out a well-experienced web app development service provider, by the steps they take. Before revamping, professional developers will take backups, review the existing web app, track the performance, and so on. 

Netleaf Software is one such web app development agency that takes responsibility and gives a refreshing look to your existing web app.

11. What are the extra efforts required to build a web app compatible across all devices & browsers?

Today, people are consuming content from the internet on different devices & browsers. So, making your web app fit into all browsers, screen types & resolutions is the need of the hour. When your web app is not compatible, then user engagement and bounce rate will be the major issues. 

To make your web app browser-screen-friendly, the developers will implement the coding accordingly. Owing to the perks of web app compatibility, we at Netleaf Software, build apps that sit well across browsers & devices catering to your needs.        

12. Do you sign NDAs?  

As you’re signing up with an agency for your web app development project, you’ll have to share your private details like phone number, login credentials, end-client’s details and so on. To give you an assurance of data security, the agency will sign an NDA with you.   

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a sensitive concern in web app development. This is a sign of accordance between you and the agency for your data without being vulnerable to thefts or fraudulent activities.  

As your reliable web app partners, we at Netleaf Software, are so concerned about your privacy & data security. Before we start with the operations, as first things first, we sign proper NDAs with our clients & partners, so you can rest assured that your data is in safer hands. 

13. How can I retain users on my web app? 

For a web app to be active, both traffic and engagement matters. If your web app has appreciable figures for traffic as well as high bounce rate. Then, you should apply various interactions to keep your users engaged. 

User retention will rely on how well you interact and engage with your users on the web app. For that, developers follow various strategies such as load time optimization, content readability enhancement, animations, live chat interactions, videos, and many more.  

14. How do I begin my project with you? 

Every long journey starts with a single step. And, that single step is, you reaching out to us! 

You can reach out to our Netleaf team through phone, email, social media, or form submission. Our sales person will have an initial talk with you to understand your expectations. Then, connect you with our web app development team. Once the discussion gets over, our developers will do a lot of brainstorming & web research on how to take the project forward. 

From there the long journey begins. 🙂

15. Do I need to pay for a full-time team even when I hire one for just the enhancement of my web app?

At Netleaf Software, as you sign-up to our web app development services, we will appoint a dedicated team to handle, no matter, whether a new web app development or revamp project. The team will have a project manager, lead, and developers. 

Based on your requirements, we will come up with a bespoke pricing plan that incur time, material, and resources charges as well. Apart from that, we don’t incur any other charges from you unless and otherwise there is a need like plugin purchase or any other additional requirements.

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