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Logistics and Transportation

Netleaf is a highly accredited software developer ready with their bespoke, logistics and transportation management solutions with warehouse management, supply chain management, route mapping capabilities and many more.

A new approach to transportation and logistics

We have a dynamic team of software providers who can provide customized business management solutions and software to various transportation and logistics companies. We exclusively design the software program based on the Microsoft Dynamic 365 business central. We aim to provide the company best software to encompass the optimum financial results, including mechanization, fleet management and repairs, and a multitude of payments.

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Netleaf being the biggest software provider, helps many logistics companies, freight forwarders, carriers, including digital solutions, to navigate better solutions and provide affordable technologies.

Fleet management and telematics

With our fleet management and telematics solutions, visualize, process and gather all the information related to driver behavior, vehicle locations, environmental conditions and engine diagnostic to manage all the resources in one place.

Geospatial and navigation systems

With Geospatial and Navigation systems, let's strengthen your mobility planning tools, transportation modes, delivery services, offline mapping, turn-by-turn routing, GPS tracking and much more.

Last-mile delivery

Whether you want an alternative delivery mode, indoor navigation, autonomous transportation and dynamic routing, Last-Mile Delivery software solution aid your every business needs to avoid the irrelevant cost and delivery delays.

Traffic management

Netleaf introduces the whole new traffic management software system that allows you to optimize the vehicle flows, visualize the traffic, and reduce logistics delays through custom maps.

Warehouse and transport management

Netleaf offers you our best Warehouse and transport management software that acts as your mediator between your delivery services' execution and planning. The software automatically tracks the fleet capacity and warehouses to match the demand of the customers and ETAs.

Urban and on-demand mobility

Use Urban and On-demand mobility solutions to enhance the consumer experience and everyday transits of urban citizens by implementing the software solutions.

Asset monitoring and tracking

We offer you asset monitoring and tracking software solutions that use GPS, IoT sensors, RFID, beacons, and QR codes to predict and maintain the flow of shipment, containers, inventory and other things.

Customer-centric logistics services

The customer-centric logistic services ensure the users focus on mobility, logistics, and various other transportation services. The software will provide features like easy payment, chatbots, convenient notifications and gamification that make work easier.


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