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ERP for Retail &

Netleaf has the biggest ERP software development team that ensures you to deliver the best technological tools that help align your business needs and objectives irrespective of the organization’s size and type. We provide you our enterprise resource planning systems software that has proven to be most effective and reliable in operating, administration, planning, and optimizing the business process.

ERP Software Development Company

Robust ERP Software for the Retail & Logistics Industry

We provide you ERP developers that help to deal with the complexity of the business, handle the implementation projects, legacy applications, third-party solutions that may be full of obstacles during integrations.

ERP Development Company Supply chain management

Netleaf offers you a supply chain management solution that further helps ensure that you receive the smooth delivery of the goods and services. These kinds of solutions effectively implement the right supply chain process, manage the shipment of the product and distribute the orders. Apart from this, it is also helpful in streamline the logistic activities.

ERP Software Development Company Warehousing and distribution

At Netleaf, we provide the warehousing solution that provides a complete insight into storage facilities and inventory management. This will enable the staff and employees to manage the outbound and inbound shipment of the product and storage of the essential supplies. In addition to this, it also optimizes the warehousing facilities, analyzes the inventory management, document, and other performance. This software is also helpful in integrating enterprise resource planning, warehousing management, and many other systems.

ERP Development Company Freight forwarding optimization

Our team provides you the best tailored logistic solutions, which help eliminate manual errors, automate shipment, and ensure that system is secure. We deliver affordable freight forwarding optimization operations that provide the managers and forwarding agents with our exclusive range of tools for quoting, messaging, invoicing, and scanning.

Custom ERP Software Development Company
Benefits of developing transportation management solutions

Netleaf, a reliable software provider, helps deliver customized transportation management solutions for all business types and industrial domains, including optimizing, planning, and executing goods and services. Our ERP solutions are mobile-friendly, cloud-based to operate the business task easier. Be it you an e-Commerce platform or retailer in services, we have a solution for you.

  • It is helpful in compliance with the regulations such as federal management regulation and federal travel regulation.
  • It provides mature project management, which helps provide inline software with customer requirements.
  • It is helpful in integration with the management systems. For example, WMS and ERP.
  • Cross platform compatibility
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Exclusive Features Logistics scheduling software

Enterprise-resource planning solution is essential these days for modern business companies to manage all the business tasks. Many business individuals build thought in mind that these ERP systems are expensive and complex. But Netleaf offers you web-based ERP solutions that are cost-effective.

Custom ERP Development Company
Dispatch Dashboard

Now you can execute the dispatch process automatically with the help of these software and routes. It is also helpful in tracking the results on-ground with such predictive alerts.

  • Way Bills
  • Automating the barcode generation for multiple delivery orders and single orders in convenient ways.

  • SMS Gateways
  • The system helps regulate the SMS gateway and has end-to-end communications between the customers and business with ease.

  • Payment Gateways
  • The payment gateways help track the payments and manage them more conveniently with swift and payment options.

  • API Access
  • Netleaf serves every person and individual. You can choose numerous APIs access, which is customized and available for the freight management software.

  • Geofencing
  • This helps mark the operational area for the agents with the help of multiple geofencing.

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ERP Development Company
ERP Software Development Company
Service App

Netleaf is the biggest software provider that enables you to manage your modern business needs intuitively, making it an excellent field service management software in the market.

  • Task Notification
  • With task notification, you will customize the operational alerts and target the audience by communicating directly with customers and managers.

  • Optimized Routes
  • It helps to optimize the routes by navigating the services to ensure that you get on-time deliveries and navigate to multiple destinations.

  • Proof of Delivery
  • This allows the agents to add notes, scan barcodes, collect digital signatures and images.

  • Easy Navigation
  • You can access the information of the customers, travel hassle free, and monitor tasks.

  • Agent Wallet
  • The agent wallet helps provide you with a virtual wallet that helps keep the record of the transactions and maintain the record.

  • Agent Capacity Management
  • Every task has an associated capacity, and this will be auto-located to satisfy the capacity criteria.

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ERP Development Company

Netleaf is the biggest software provider that helps to provide you each and everything helpful in streamlining the whole business process and activities. We offer you the best tracker dashboard that helps to view the completed jobs, active jobs, job sites, and many other field workers on the map. With this, you will be able to screen everything.

Appointment Features
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • We assure you minimize the cost of the maintenance of the vehicle breakdown by providing you early alerts when monitoring parts that need maintenance and are close to the breakdown.

  • Geofencing
  • This will help ensure that you get an alert notification whenever your vehicle will enter or exist in Geofencing and elevate the safety and increase the operational efficiency by ensuring complete safety.

  • Behavior Monitoring
  • We provide complete solutions which enable the users to monitor the behaviors of the fleet within real-time. Understanding the fleet will help drive the behavior from rash driving, vehicle time, and many more.

  • Smart Analytics
  • Now the fleet managers can also access the information and track down the summary of 90 days with the help to smart analytic tools and graphical reports.

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Custom ERP Software Development Company


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