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Codeigniter – The future of web application development

Today for any business, applying a single approach has become essential, and that is a strong online presence. Many Web development company are growing forward to develop a website that is appealing and customer friendly. After all, it increases consumer engagement, thereby leaving behind an everlasting impression in the mind of the customers. But for this, you must select one of the best platforms, which is a tedious task. PHP is one of the best languages that come with some influential frameworks.

PHP is a simple scripting language used by most of the developers and is open-source. PHP framework enables a structure of a simple platform to create flawless web applications both for entrepreneurs and businesses. It is highly preferred by most of the web design company in India. With this framework, developers use pre-built modules, and there is no need to generate repeating codes, thereby saving a lot of time. So, it helps make the whole development cycle thereby leading to the building of applications very fast.

PHP’s framework needs topmost coding practices and some standard processes for development that organize the process properly and secure the product. PHP provides you with so many advanced frameworks that help in web development. It depends on the developer to recognize the PHP framework based on the market trend and demand.

One such framework is CodeIgnitor which is in high demand in the market and has become one of the developers’ preferred choices. As per the present market statistics, CodeIgnitor is in the topmost position in the PHP framework chart, and the reason is its dynamic nature.

Now let’s know-how what CodeIgnitor is?

It is a straightforward and rapid framework that helps in making code portable. The frameworks offer easy and strong website and application creation for most of the web development services. If you are thinking of developing a website that offers relevant information about the company, then depending on CodeIgniter is one of the best approaches to enhance performance and stability.

Why is CodeIgnitor considered as future of web development?

Most of the web development company are already using CodeIgnitor for efficient web application development.

  • It assists in removing irrelevant libraries: During web development, a situation might arise where a developer does not need to require all libraries with Codeignitor. It is easy to recognize and remove the irrelevant libraries that helps in saving some space. If you are moving the host server also, these irrelevant libraries can be effectively removed. With this, you will save space and your valuable time, thereby leading to the development of good and efficient web applications.
  • CodeIgnitor is based on MVC architecture: CodeIgnitor is based on MVC or Model-View-Controller concept for website design development. MVC is a web designing pattern that is used for the web development process. With this architecture, the framework is structured into three important sections that help execute personalization without any issues. Each section focuses on some of the specific things but is dependent on each other mutually. Have a look at the three sections and what they focus on while the development of web applications:
    • M for Model, which is responsible for data maintenance and helps in forming the base layer.
    • V for View – Here, the data is utilized for forwarding to the user.
    • C for Controller- it helps in keeping the above sections linked to each other. The MVC architecture facilitates the developer to generate a modular PHP code very easily.
  • Web design companies in Gurgaon using CodeIgnitor can scale down the server’s response time: Server time is the time that a server usually takes for responding to the browser request. When the server responds in less time, it means the respective framework has excellent performance optimization. But now you must be wondering how CodeIgniter helps in scaling down the response time? Well! CodeIgnitor is available with a better hosting service, utilizes few resources, and some advanced techniques to lessen the server’s overall response time. Moreover, it also enhances the website performance.
  • The ingrained tools in CodeIgnitor help increase your website handling: Developers worldwide are preferring CodeIgnitor for developing an E-commerce website. Do you know the reason? Well! The framework is available with an exclusive pack of ingrained libraries like unit testing modules, calendars, email and many more things. Moreover, Codeignitor also includes default aids who assist the developers in managing the arrays, strings and other such data files perfectly in proper time.
  • Latest security tools: When there are flaws and bugs in your website, it will definitely affect your website performance. This can be easily sorted out by choosing one of the best PHP frameworks: CodeIgnitor. It consists of so many inbuilt security tools and some of the safest techniques for encryption and decryption that help keep your website safe. With such amazing features, developers find it very easy for continuing with the whole process of web application development.
  • Validations of Form: These features play a vital role in the development of web application. It enables the developer to collect as well as file data in a proper format. It also makes the developer job very easy. With the CodeIgnitor framework, personalized validation becomes simple for the developer, and it provides several figures of ingrained form validations.
  • Easy handling or errors: Most of the web design company, can easily handle all the error reports by using codeignitor during the developing stage. This is one of the amazing features for the developers. Error handling is purely transparent, easy to access and safe during web applications development. Moreover, it also saves the messages for debugging as text files. Thus, failure reports are at a minimum level and assist all developers in offering web applications without flaws.
  • The learning curve is low: Compared to other frameworks, CodeIgniter has a low learning curve which is very reliable for a beginner developer. The easy documentation assists developers in easy understanding of MVC. Moreover, the whole framework also lacks complicated configuration that should be set before utilizing it.
  • Codeigniter makes the installation process very tough: One of the challenging jobs for a developer is installing the new framework without any involvement in any complex configuration work. It allows you to upload your file on the server and straightway start it.

So, all the above amazing features prove that the future of web application development resides on the shoulder of CodeIgnitor. All businesses across the globe can easily benefit from this PHP framework for the development of web applications. This framework CodeIgnitor is available with a meek assimilation feature that makes it a highly favorable web framework for all developers.

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