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6 Unique Web Designs To Choose Now

The coolest web design highlights your website’s importance. People have only a few minutes to consume content, and if your website is just plain and simple, you will not get even these few minutes of them.

Even though your website relies on traditional themes, you will still struggle to impress viewers because web design services providers are coming with unique concepts and strategies, forcing viewers to expect more from your websites.

So that you don’t get your website lost amid the surging competition in the digital world, below, we have brought you some unique web design features that are worth adding to your digital shop.

1.      3d Illustration

Many website owners have a big NO for 3d Illustration. To them, it is like bringing a massive drop in website’s speed and then traffic. But this isn’t the reality at all. Many big websites are increasing adding 3d Illustrations to their website, making their digital shop more engaging to viewers. You can contact a web design company and ask them to provide you 3d Illustration that doesn’t harm the website’s speed because modern technology and approaches make 3d design possible without harming the website’s speed.

2.      Organic Shapes

Organic shapes can make your website crisp and attractive to viewers. The design is optimal for the website that doesn’t want too flashy items still wants to keep it cool and nice. These organic shapes can be used as a still image, with floating or fading textures. Developers at website design companies are well versed in putting the desired organic shapes with desired features and functions on a website.

3.      Changes in Scrolling

Changes in scrolling can bring a big difference to your website’s features. You can add both horizontal and vertical scrolling to your website, and by doing this, you will have much to show to viewers on your website. To simply put, you can add eCommerce website design services provided to add both verticals and horizontal menus on the homepage and other pages if you run a shopping website. It will help you show more varieties and products of similar categories to the customers, and customers will also be eager to spend more time on your website.

4.      Cursor or Mouse Actions/Icons

If you seek something that turns your website into a playful zone for your customers, no wonder cursor or mouse actions can be a game-changer. Cursor or mouse actions/icons can be represented on the screen with some fun elements that enhance viewers’ interaction with your website design, giving you more time to showcase your products and services to them. 

5.      Engaging Stories

Engaging stories are a new trend now. People are no longer interested in those plain and simple websites describing just about a brand in flowery language. The digital industry has evolved, so does the taste of viewers has changed a lot. If you want to draw viewers’ attention to your website, choose a design that describes your website through a story. Because visually, it is more engaging. Any best website design company can give you some mind-blowing suggestions on it.

6.      Darker/Light Mode

Ask a website design agency to include a darker and light mode in your website. Nowadays, it is an extremely important thing that almost every website should include in its design. Darker modes enable viewers to chew your content in dim lights or at night. The feature will protect their eyes, giving them an idea that you care about them – which always ticks in viewers’ minds and maximizes their engagement with your website. Opting for all these web design features isn’t essential. Choose whatever fits well with your brand and go for it!

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