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15 Best Website Design Ideas for Inspiration in 2021

An excellent website design always attracts new viewers to your website and helps in keeping them engaged with the content on the site. The most daunting task is choosing the best design for your website. Although no real technical overhead is required to design a website, sometimes the biggest problem is an inspiration.  

Creating a website for a business is a big challenge and a lot of pressure is reflected during the designing of the website. The designer should know what design trends and they should not allow the site to look stale.  

The appealing effect of your website design depends on the designer because your website is the virtual storefront of your homepage. The IT staffing Dubai has created some wonderful website design keeping up with the trends and pushing their creativity.

When you are working in a field that requires a lot of creativity such as web design, it is only natural that occasionally you find yourself in a tough spot. It is when you feel stuck or dried up from all your creative juices that inspirations work as a powerful remedy.

It is always tough to find the right website designs for inspiration irrespective of whether you are an experienced web designer or just starting. Sometimes you may need inspiration for a new client and just to familiarize yourself with the new designs which are gaining popularity among the audiences. The best 15 website design ideas for inspiration in 2021 are:

  • One-page website – A one-page website can keep all the important information about your company thus enabling users to learn everything they need to know without navigating to different parts of the site. Placing all the information of your company on a full-screen slider will accomplish this task of retaining your users.
  • Custom illustration – This is a great way to create a unique feeling for your brand giving your visitors an idea of what it would be working with your company. Custom illustration enables commitment to exploring new aspects of social media allowing a friendly approach to working with your clients. This could sometimes tend to be expensive but then you could focus on at least two or three custom illustrations for your main page.
  • Mobile presence – People are addicted to mobile phones these days. They surf the web more on their mobiles than on desktop computers. Besides with Google announcing that they are starting their new mobile index, it means that search engines will judge every website on their mobile-first. Hence, while designing a website it would be a good idea to start with mobile-first. Concentrating on the essentials and thinking of the purpose of the design by adding elements as the screen grows bigger will further enhance the design. 
  • Sticking to the standards – Website designers have a nature to be over creative. It is generally a good thing. The designer should keep in mind that some boundaries are set within which to be creative. There are many established standards in web designing. Some of the established standards are the website logo in the top left corner, main navigation across the top of the screen, search feature in the header, social media icons in the footer, etc. Visitors are normally used to certain designs and website elements. If such rules are broken then it might confuse your visitors and turn them off.  
  • Make your website fun – The best way to convince the audience to take action on your website is to make it interesting and fun.  Websites can be designed to act like choosing your own adventure game that can be used to find out how you can work with them. Your website can be designed with an adventurous strategy up to the next level by creating rewards or your currency for specific actions. 
  • Use a full-size photo – Regularly a white background is used while designing a website. Instead, use a full-size photo as the background for your site. It would be even better if the photo uses a face. This will help viewers connect with your website as well as your brand on a personal level.
  • Design ideas for eCommerce – If you are a person who sells products online then it is better that you make your homepage a part of your eCommerce store. This will encourage your visitors to turn into potential buyers from the moment they enter your website. But ensure that you do not make the common mistakes eCommerce site designers make. 
  • Design ideas for navigation menus – If you want it easy for your visitors to move to parts of your website at any time without scrolling around, then it is better to design floating navigation menus.  Many of the websites are using this navigation style to make it easy for their visitors including those of the small companies. A floating navigation menu can easily be added by a scroll plugin.
  • Focus on accessibility – For those who have visual impairments or mobility issues and if you want to reach out to such clients then you need to focus on accessibility to your website for such special visitors. This can be done by using large fonts or big pictures with contrasting colors. 
  • Sharing social proof – This is one of the most valuable website design ideas that can inspire you to increase your marketing tools. It will work wonders if you feature your best features prominently on your homepage. This will increase the power of your brand by including graphics and also building sliders for those graphics.
  • Add quizzes – An entertaining quiz is loved by everyone as it helps in testing their knowledge as well as showing them something about themselves. A lot of websites are designed in this manner which centers on quizzes to keep their visitors engrossed.
  • Chat feature – It will always help if you have a chatbox or popup on your homepage to allow visitors to interact with your brand and get the basic answers right. It will assist them more if you can use a WordPress chatbox to set-up a process. It would be advisable to have your chatbox in the bottom right corner as it will not interfere with the other features on your page.
  • Use raw designs – Web designs focussing on raw content are called brutalist web designs. These designs do not use the typical design conventions. Because of this, they do not work for all brands but could prove effective for those products focussing on youth culture, arts, or DIY culture. 
  • Black and White palette – Sometimes going back to the basics would be the best thing to do.  This is how a black and white palette will help. There are various marketing agencies that are doing well using this kind of palette. You can customize this look by using black and white photography or illustrations also.
  • Unique homepage with glitch art – To create a hyper futuristic look digital or analog glitch art is used. The common techniques used to create this look are light leaks, pixels, and double exposure.

There are various other ideas for inspiration for website design. As per IT staffing Dubai, each website designer gets inspired by different ideas and works differently for every brand.


Ideas for website design do not frown on trees. To come up with something good sometimes a little help is needed. That is when inspirations work to get a good going design.

Web design tips, resources, etc will encourage getting back the designer into the creativity land. 

There is plenty of ideas out there in the world but striking on the right idea at the right time will create wonders in website designing.

During website designing, it could be challenging at times to stay creative. Sometimes a long-term client may come up with a niche that you are not familiar with or request something that is outside your comfort zone.

It can be tricky to keep with the trends and technologies of website designing but there are so many advantages as well by doing so. New ideas will help build more appealing websites. 

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