Reasons to Redesign Your Website Now

Are you using a smart mobile phone with a high-end technology? Most of you would say yes, right?

As of now, life without a smartphone is unimaginable. Have you thought about your valuable customers? Probably your customers would be more comfortable to execute work on a smartphone or an IPad rather than a desktop.

If you are still maintaining your website in the old-desktop version, then you’re paving way for your business to die. Remember, your old-desktop version no longer works. Take a smart step ahead and transform your website into a mobile-friendly website.

Absolutely, “Smart and steady wins the race.” Why is it necessary?

The increasing number of Mobile Users:

In India, smartphone users have crossed over 300 million this year. It’s quite a number every year and keeps increasing within a time span. It’s because people opt for smartphones to finish work in a jiffy and cut down in wasting time. If you don’t optimize your website, n number of mobile users will miss viewing your site, due to the sole reason for your so-called desktop website.

Adds More website-traffic:

Are you wondering how your competitors get pooled up by more traffic? One big truth you should understand here is, it is due to a lot of mobile visitors who visit their smart websites on mobile. Why wait then? Renew your website and to get a mobile-friendly website design of your choice.

Stay long hours on your website:

Any desktop website, when viewed on your mobile, CTA will not be clear and so that mobile users have to pinch or zoom while looking into it. Zooming in and out for every minute details on your website would drive your audience crazy. Eventually, some might become anxious and will end up leaving your website without knowing what you offer and how your services would benefit them.

Double down your conversion:

When the number of website visitors increases, it drives more traffic to your website, it will turn into genuine leads and ultimately, it will add up to your conversions. Don’t think too much and it will not take much of your time.

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SEO works out well on mobile:

You could try SEO on your desktop website, but it won’t reach out to a larger audience. Since mobile users are on the increase, SEO seems to be effective on a mobile. Moreover, Google has switched over to take rankings from mobile version and not from desktop version anymore.Having all reasons mentioned above, hurry up to redesign your website now.

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