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6 Easy Steps by Digital marketing services to Rank Higher on Google

Digital marketing services : Nothing feels more annoying than seeing your site rank on the last page of Google in spite of your continued efforts to rank higher.

I know this is very frustrating!

Many a times it feels that nothing is working even after a lot of efforts. Google seems to dislike your website and you have no clue why.

If all that sounds familiar, then you have reached the right place.

Today, in this blog, as the leading Digital Marketing Company, we’ll run you through a straightforward and systematic approach to improve your rankings and get umpteen traffic.

  • Backlinks
    Irrespective of the site of a company, it can always benefit from higher number of links. They are the life-line of domain & page-authority, which has and will continue to be a major ranking factor.
  • Quality Content
    It’s not just the exceptional content that guarantees a top ranking. Implementing best SEO practices, other website’s links and a great content work together to help your website reach the top spot.
  • Do Not Worry About Every Ranking Factor
    A big gap exists between the content header and keywords ranking impact. Due to several reasons search engine rankings vary a lot. Google keeps revising its algorithm. As it’s not possible to identify the actual importance of each factor, you can get top rankings by adjusting your page headers and titles.
  • More Sophisticated Search Engines
    Google pays more attention to message that content communicates than the keywords. Among innumerable searches that it handles every year, 15% are first time searches. BERT, which was rolled out by Google last year, is a language processing algorithm which focuses on intent of the searcher for one out of 10 searches.
  • Pay Attention to URL’s
    Yes, ranking factors do vary but you must never neglect URL’s. Keep them short – upto six words that can reflect the content. Websites, very often dilute longer URL’s which ultimately loses its effectiveness. Hence it should be short and meaningful.
  • Trust & Authority
    Google gives an edge to the website content that seems trustworthy. You can acquire that advantage by getting experts insights in your articles and by listing their short bios.
  • Revise Keywords
    Keep refreshing your keywords, do not stick with the same set. You can use ranking and keyword research tools to explore new possibilities. Get help from the best Digital marketing services to help you with keyword revising.
  • Optimize Website Images
    While processing your website images, your team must focus on the name of the file, its size, alt text and more for the success of SEO.
  • Make Videos
    In order to get better exposure and better SEO opportunities create videos for your visitors. As Google show videos above regular website pages in the SERP’s which helps in getting additional notice.

Follow the above mentioned tips and you’ll find that ranking high on Google algorithm is not as difficult as it seems. You can also get in touch with us for professional Digital marketing services to help your website reach at higher position in no time.

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