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Laravel vs Codeigniter which is better for Website Development

Website Development : The flexibility of using an open-source language, liberal to use the platform, and MVC patterns may be a great luxury. If there are plenty of utilities and libraries that assist you proceed together with your project faster than somebody else, these results are appreciated. Once you code in PHP, it’s essential to avoid being monotonous and repetitive. That’s where creative frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, etc. came to the market.

Let’s talk about Laravel, as a PHP Framework

It is a framework that’s one among the primary contenders of next-gen PHP development tools for Website Development. The recognition of this framework is increasing rapidly, and features like good routing, migration support, blade tempting, authentication support are a number of the items that are crucial during this effort. Laravel isn’t almost beautiful web applications, it’s also about well-documentation, which is superb guidance.

Below are a number of the critical things that talk in its favour, over others.

  • It comes with an easy to use and modular service for the Blade templating engine.
  • Authentication is a simple feature with built-in caching support and mechanism for compatibility.
  • It allows users to integrate third-party services easily also, becoming a flexibility major.
  • Further, effective control of sessions is handy.
  • In all, it’s better IO capabilities, to say, which may be a blessing.
  • Finally, the open-source MIT license means the ASCII text file is out there at GitHub, something which proprietary services will never be ready to do.

Let us see more closely, why Laravel is that the choice for businesses around today, and doubtless why further down the line; it’ll be a far better skill to find out.

eCommerce Package

This is something that takes the frustration out of the equation. Bagisto and AvoRed are known to be the foremost recommended packages during this regard. With assistance for drag-and-drop processes, developers can practically do tons of stuff a bit like in WordPress. Once you choose a reliable Laravel development company, you furthermore may know that they’re going to be sharing the entire framework with you.

SEO Packages

If anything speaks more Website Development-friendly, it is SEO, built-in. Laravel Meta manager comes with SEO able, SEOTools, Laravel-SEO, AutoMeta, Laravel CMS, and lots of more. There are numerous beautiful packages that allow SEO built-in that you simply don’t need to depend upon third-party. albeit you probably did , you’re not alone and help them directly . It guarantees a sudden rise in site visits and rankings.

Admin Panel

Another effective thanks to have a web presence is by employing a robust admin panel, and Voyager is that the best tool out there. Laradmin has support for Voyager, and developers can easily integrate it within their existing framework with none hassle. It just takes a few of minutes, at most.

Laravel Collections are the simplest selling B2B websites, and that they are evolving rapidly because the web changes it. More exhaustive libraries, pretty robust templates, and maintenance and support around the clock is usually beneficial.

Pros & Cons of Laravel


  • Blade templates guarantee elegant solutions to HTML and no spaghetti code.
  • All the safety requirements comply for a contemporary site.
  • Its frameworks are better in creating enterprise solutions.
  • With relational objects and structures, business solutions are handier.
  • Better documentation is that the key to high-end libraries.


  • There are inconsistencies with Query Builder and ORM.
  • Laravel development doesn’t support legacy systems well.
  • You might find an important dose of bloatware which will cause problems.

Let’s talk about Codeigniter, Another Next-Gen Contender

A PHP framework that’s simple and faster to find out is true here. It’s always advisable for all to start out with this framework. The most objective remains to start out slow and little then to proportion the answer. New and experienced CodeIgniter developers can work hand in hand to supply an upscale set of libraries, use them, and develop them, and offer solutions for his or her clients. The CodeIgniter platform for Website Development offers a friendly interface, to assess libraries, and one among the apparent benefits of using these as compared with Laravel is it minimizes the quantity of learning you’ve got to try to, and therefore the amount of code you’ve got to write down.

Actually, for any given task, the CodeIgniter platform requires relatively less code to create than Laravel. Compare this to something like Python vs C++. aside from large scale web development applications, this framework is suggested for shared accounts and shared projects. It ensures a smaller footprint. But, CodeIgniter doesn’t follow the MVC pattern strictly like Laravel and doesn’t assist in complex functionalities, very easy work is true here. Adding complicated things third-party plugins isn’t possible, or utterly complex.

The best feature of this platform as a next-gen PHP framework comes from its friendliness. I list the most points below.

  • Codeigniter for Website Development offers excellent security with XSS filtering, which is taken into account an enormous deal.
  • The lightweight and little footprint framework is appreciated and offers a small encoding module.
  • It is program friendly with URLs that are indexed easily by Google, Yandex, Baidu, etc.
  • With an in-built class manager, calendar, templates, and stuff, the session manager is complex. It helps in unit testing.
  • Errors and other logs are always appropriately maintained, and therefore the manipulation library is additionally updated on the fly.

But, with these features for Website Development, what makes CodeIgniter better than Laravel? Why should a business choose this framework than Laravel, when it’s such considerable support?

  • It helps CodeIgniter to be a neat, clean, small friendly framework that you simply can understand easily and learn to code quickly.
  • It has simple routines, methods, and is well-structured. It’s an easy routing method, as well.
  • With more robust and better quality support and stability, this is often the proper choice.
  • Like Laravel, it also allows the caching of internet sites, and this suggests increased performance and faster loading time.

With such benefits, businesses find it quicker to use CodeIgniter, than Laravel, especially startups, small and medium enterprises, and more.

What is the advantage of Codeigniter for Website Development? How does it delay on its Own?

We list the positive and negative aspects of this PHP framework for Website Development; it’s own. Being a framework, it’s some upsides and downsides; for instance , some elements that make it faster, also makes it less flexible.


  • We see that this particular platform features a lesser need for storage here. It includes only 256 MB of size, and you’ll start your work now.
  • It makes it more suitable for fast and scalable projects, where startups and little businesses are the first targets.
  • Easy to find out , and therefore the simple structure helps developers learn quickly and speed up development.


  • The bad things about this include a scarcity of a worldwide template for library offerings.
  • It makes future maintenance of projects complex and utterly difficult, a severe headache to possess. Then you would possibly need to rewire tons of the code.
  • There is no support for modular separation also , which will quickly obliterate the project’s structure.

Which of Them, Laravel or Codeigniter for Website Development, is More Popular?

The popularity of a framework comes from its facilities and features. As far because the statistics show, both the frameworks are on their own very influential. They assist you get obviate the severe pain of writing an excessive amount of repetitive code, integrate complex routines, during a matter of minutes. Google Trends is an estimator that analyzes the social trend for learning PHP as a replacement skill. It measures from several data bits, which parts are more important than the opposite , and which of them are smaller .

In the past 12 months of monitoring, CodeIgniter has been almost constant from September 2019 through March 2020 till September 2020. It’s been a mean trend for CodeIgniter with ratings below 25 marks. At an equivalent time, Laravel has been above 75 throughout this era . Yes, there was tremendous variability during this score, and it dipped to 63 in Dec 2019, when CodeIgniter was 11. It rose as high as 100 on March 1, 2020, when CodeIgniter reached 14, not its highest peak. generally , CodeIgniter seems to lose the turf for a more flexible, open-source, and integrable system. albeit it’s a touch difficult to find out at the start , once you master it, you’re skilled to develop complex Website Development projects.

Besides that, 117,809 websites built using CodeIgniter till this date while Laravel reigns a marginal supreme here with 132,687 websites. These are majorly from developing countries that outsourced labour comes from, like Brazil, Russia, India, UK, and Japan. As per GitHub report shows that 1.5% of questions asked regarding Laravel. Still, the community involvement for CodeIgniter remained well below 0.2%, which shows that the developers are going after Laravel because it’s open-source and free. they will learn it at their own pace, and with support.


To give a good conclusion to the trend, and which PHP framework for Website Development could be the simplest for 2020 and beyond, their options are dual. If you’re working during a startup, they could have already got a framework in hand. If you’re a developer tasked to pick one, choose both for Website Development.

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