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4 Simple Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

Website Redesign : There’s something appealing about starting fresh; beginning again. This is often certainly true about websites, which may become quickly outdated in terms of functionality, design, content and user experience. Yet starting fresh with a replacement website design takes effort, time and money. So before you go and dive headfirst into a fresh website project, confirm the time is true.

This blog will assist you clearly spot signs that your site is prepared for a redesign — and provides you the knowledge you’ll got to masterfully articulate to your boss or your organization’s key decision makers why an Website redesign is within the best interest of the corporate . After all, within the not-so-famous words of Paul Cookson, “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do this”

SIGN #1 – Your Users Aren’t Converting

The clearest sign that your site must be redesigned may be a flailing ROI.

Websites perform a function, they’re built for a reason, and intrinsically, they ought to deliver results. The matter is that a lot of websites were built without specific goals in mind, making it hard to trace their actual ROI. “If you don’t clearly define the goal, it’s impossible to work out the simplest method to trace performance,” explained the Nielson Norman Group.

So, ask yourself, are you getting the results you’d expect from your website? You Should go for Website Redesign.

Or are your numbers falling short? Do visitors make it to your site only to go away a couple of seconds later? Are your conversions down? If you answered yes to any of those questions it’s probably time to think about a redesign.

If you don’t know the solution to those questions, it’s time to urge conversant in Google Analytics and warmth mapping!

Google Analytics is one among the foremost popular ways to watch your website performance and track users. If you haven’t added Google Analytics or an identical tool to your site yet, wait no longer! It’s simple to try to to and can provide you with great insight into what’s performing well and what’s not performing so well.

Heat maps are another tool marketers use to watch users’ behavior. Heat maps offer a visible representation of where users are clicking on your site. Most heat mapping software/apps offer you a view of the specified page you would like to find out more about with an overlaid visual average of where users are clicking most.

Scrolling heat maps tell you, on the average, how far your users are scrolling down the page once they arrive. This will offer you an honest indication on when and where you’re losing users. Are your users going to your footer to register for your newsletters or bouncing half way down the page? Are your users leaving the hero to find out more about your product, never making it past the fold? If so, are they clicking on a product page or bouncing from your site altogether?

While there are many heat mapping tools on the market, Crazy Egg and Hotjar are two of the foremost popular.

Website Redesign will improve your tracking result and ROI will enhance your business as well

Once you work out your user behavior you’ll adjust your conversion strategies appropriately. And if you’re redesigning your website, you’ll have valuable user data from which to tell your design.

SIGN #2 – It’s 2017 and Your Site remains Not Responsive.

Just kidding, no shame here. We won’t judge! But we strongly encourage you to urge a responsive site! This is only when your will do Website Redesign of your old site.

The fact is that mobile usage is quickly outgrowing desktop usage or at the very least is on par. As users surf the online on mobile devices and tablets, it’s not acceptable to possess a site that isn’t viewable or provides a poor user experience on a mobile device.

“The average consumer checks his or her smartphone 46 times each day , and within the US, people do that a collective 8 billion times every 24 hours,” consistent with Appannie.

If you’re n’t setup to display your content during a readable way on mobile devices then you are missing out on over 50% of your user base at any given time. Your website should mobile responsive. Website Redesign service will responsive your website.

SIGN #3 – Your Website seems like a Throwback to 1999.

Your website is usually the primary impression people have of your business. Would you let dirt collect on your windows? Would you let the paint chip off? How that door handle that folks can never open?

Website Redesign, Have you compared your site to your competitors lately? does one get a sense of intense anxiety brooding about it? Let’s face it, markets lately are incredibly competitive and when combined with the fast paced, ever changing landscape of the online it are often easy to seek out yourself left behind, toting an internet site that appears love it hasn’t been touched since 1999 (even if you only built it five years ago). The great news is (if you discover yourself during this situation) there’s never a far better time for a redesign than now!

SIGN #4 – Your Website or Webpages Take quite Three Seconds to Load

In 2017 Kissmetrics reported that if an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1-second page delay could potentially cost $2.5 million in lost sales per annum.

That’s because 40% of users will ABANDON your website if it takes quite three seconds to load! Fact is, users are getting more familiar with instant gratification and your brand better be ready to deliver or face high abandonment rates.

If a site takes longer than three seconds to load the user loses trust in your brand and can presumably do business elsewhere. After all, the competitors are only a click away.

Website Redesign aren’t only about making the website “look better,” they’re about helping you change visitors into customers. While a beautifully designed website is great, without function, form just becomes an obstacle. When Website Redesign confirm you’re spending even as much time focused on user experience and functionality as you’re on the aesthetic of your site.

Still unsure if you would like a replacement website? Vital can help!

Let us take a glance and perform a fast audit of your site. We’ll offer you our honest opinion on what your sites got going for it and where it could use some improvement. If it’s got nothing good happening, we’ll put it to you gently then show you ways great your website could truly be.

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