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Why Digital Marketing is the Optimum Choice to Promote Business Post Lockdown

Digital Marketing : The current lockdown may be a dark phase – something the planet has never witnessed! The pandemic has already changed our lifestyle. Maintaining hygiene practices, social distancing, and that specialize in savings – everything has become the “new normal.”

Yet another thing has significantly changed thanks to the entire lockdown of movie halls, shopping malls, restaurants, and amusement parks. Yes, you guessed it right – the means of recreation. During the lockdown, people have embraced digital media like never before! are you able to believe that folks are spending 87% longer on social media like Facebook and Instagram than they used to!

Naturally, it’s time for businesses to leverage this chance and drive more brand visibility and awareness. No, you shouldn’t trust the sooner sentence simply because most of the learned and experienced digital marketing services providers are recommending it! you ought to know the logic first.

Take a glance at the normal Advertisement Media

Let’s quickly take a glance at the 2 of the foremost significant traditional advertisement platforms – newspaper and tv.


When was the last time you read a newspaper? a number of you’ll say today while some may say three months back. And that’s exactly where we are hitting at!

Though newspaper houses have repeatedly boasted of the security regulations practised within the printing presses, the subscribers are afraid to avail the newspaper service because it may spread contamination. And this fear is sort of justified.

In the absence of printed newspapers, people are turning to e-newspapers or digital news channels to stay an eye fixed on the present affairs. So, from the business owners’ perspective, printed media is not any more a grand forum to succeed in the audience. Rather, advertising on the digital platform will help owners such as you to succeed in a wider audience.


Yes, people are watching television during lockdown quite usual. But there’re two components of advertising – investing and reaching the audience. Now, advertising on television allows you to succeed in the mass but as an owner, you ought to remember of the bucks you’ve to buy it!

According to a study by LiveMint, the worldwide advertising rate is about to rise by 3.9% over 2020 and therefore the subsequent years will witness further growth. As you’ll understand, you’ll need to pay tons to market your business on television. Further, you can’t keep a track of the effectiveness of this advertising effort.

On the opposite hand, digital media marketing is that the optimum option to popularize your brand in terms of cost and efficacy. Here you’ll track user-behaviour, modify social media campaign and strategy, and successively, enhance user engagement.

Digital Marketing Superpower

Social media usage has increased beyond expectations and makes should be omnipresent on digital media to catch the users’ attention and make a bond with them. However, you would like to project your brand on digital media with utmost care and precision.

For instance, you’ll consider showing how your business is coping up with the turbulent situation (say, by adopting a work-from-home model), showcasing your activity towards social causes during a humble manner, offering any free value-added service, creating catchy and relevant campaigns, informing the newest business model (say, home delivery service rather than a dine-out facility), and adopting many other strategies to develop an emotional reference to your audience.

Yes, that’s a lot! So, it’s better to go away the workload to the professional digital marketing geeks.

You see, every cloud features a bright side. All you would like is to seek out it out! Oh, speaking of finding, why don’t you let the leading internet marketing agencies in India determine the acceptable digital channels for your business! Clearly, you shouldn’t squander resources by placing your ads on any and each media platform.

Time for a few Statistics…

Relax, we won’t throw some cold stats at your face to determine our point. You’ll have already been convinced of the relevance of engaging a reliable digital marketing agency India to market your business. Nevertheless, these statistics will assist you understand what to expect by investing in digital media promotion.

A Harvard study on 4,700 public listed companies found that over 37% of the businesses outweighed their rivals by choosing a strategic digital marketing approach. Also, the study estimated that taking the proper decision during the bad phase will significantly impact on the companies’ exponential growth once the economy improves later.

Here’s another quick info: searches for “buy online” has skyrocketed to cross beyond 27K per month! No wonder eCommerce businesses are tending more towards engaging professional digital marketing services!

Further, many large companies have taken a step back, so if you’re getting to launch a start-up or market alittle business, it’s the simplest opportunity to grab the limelight. seems like an idea , huh!

Final Thoughts

Well, as they assert, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! If you would like to deal with today’s uncertain times, program optimization and social media optimization along side personalized service may convince be your best weapons. These won’t only assist you to uniquely engage with a various range of audience but create a sustainable bond with them thereby helping your business.

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