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Web Development: Top 7 Trends This Year

Web Development Company in India: This year starts with the serious phase of the Covid-19 virus and effects severe to every individual. The recent outbreak of Coronavirus shut people in their homes. The rapid increase of coronavirus (COVID-19) patients is conveying shock message around the world as we all need to try to adjust to a new reality. Businesses are struggling in this pandemic, and they need to think about what steps they need to use to keep running during an economic crisis. Online business and web development work fine at home because everyone is working at home and earning for their family to survive in this pandemic situation. Web Development Company in India is trying its best to survive this critical situation.

Every business, despite small or big companies, today has a website. The website is the first opinion that audiences get of you or your business. In sum, a website is a branding mechanism for individuals, companies, and alliances. With almost more than 1 billion websites rolling the Internet today, picking up with the opposition, innovating developing and plan to stay ahead of the competition, and building a niche, are some of the most significant challenges that web developers have to face today. Web Development Company in India is doing its best to be in the game and innovating and accepting the latest trends.

Web developers do not only have to put their best work ahead in terms of design and UI but also have to assure that the web pages are search engine optimized. Because, if you don’t get it to the top in the search results, you don’t succeed at all.

Web development trends to look ahead in 2020:

1) Motion UI & Integrated GIFs

Visiting costumers or engagement of clients to websites is one of the top factors that web developers ought to think when it comes to user experience. The web pages need to be engaging and exciting, interesting just for people to stay and be there to engage with their web pages and spend their time on the content.

Motion UI executes the use of interesting GIFs and animations, loading the web pages with a shot of color and enthusiasm to involve the users.

2) Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are web pages that work like apps, suggesting mobile users can encounter the comfort of navigation and increased UX. Web developers can execute the use of HTML5 to create the switch from websites to PWAs. With rising mobile users, this transformation is much needed. PWAs have determined to make more conversions.

3) API

We are living in a world where everything is connected to everything in a hyper-connected way. We are connected from homes to our phones and from computers to our cars. We can turn off home appliances through your phone. Web developers have to discard the traditional ways of developing an application. The conventional approach includes the front-end developers relying massively on the back-end developers to provide an API. This generates growth latency. In 2020 web developers have to get freed from it by choosing for API-first design!

4) Chatbots

Chatbots is a software application used to conduct an online chat conversation through text form or speech form. Effective client support is one of the key factors for a website or a product that everyone adores. That’s why more and more outcomes endeavor out chatbots for client comfort. Web developers have to provide this mode to chatbots and have to provide design.

5) Voice Search Optimization

Best Web Development Company in Gurgaon: Voice search has witnessed a constant increase in the prior decade, and in 2020, it is expected that 50% of all the researches will appear over voice. Virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana have made today’s people express their hearts out by speaking instead of typing in the little search case sleeping in the corner of the web page. Website Development Company in India knows and understands this growth of voice search and becomes the need of the customers and so, they have to combine voice search to their web pages, particularly the mobile web pages.

6) Augmented reality and Virtual reality

The studies show that AR and VR markets will be going to noticing the growth of 100 percent by 2022. AR and VR are futuristic concepts and trends. So, web developers are adding them in their pages because to keep up with the pace of the growing AR and VR apps.

7) Accelerated Mobile Pages

Nobody likes to wait for opening a web page or a website. That is why accelerated mobile pages with the fastest speed of loading time will be a key aim that web developers have to get up to in 2020. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP allows valuable content such as videos, graphics, and animations to load side by side with ads. And this has to go over multiple platforms and devices.

Web Development Company in India: These are the seven trends that can rule this year, but if you know more, then tell us in the comment below.

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