Comparison Between Magento VS OpenCart VS Shopify VS WooCommerce

Comparison Between Magento VS OpenCart VS Shopify VS WooCommerce

December 22, 2018 67 By Netleaf Software

Comparison Between Magento VS OpenCart VS Shopify VS WooCommerce : Heading up to technology there are many technological things which are adding in everyday, there are many things which is getting automated and ore easy to use by the technology and shopping one of the best example of it. E-commerce is the highly fast and growing industry of the era and which is based on the online featuring there are many brands weather it is small or big they are tend to getting online every day the competition is so high-end which is ending up involving a lot of cost.

There are many CMS or frame work on which the E-commerce websites are featuring and there are multiple feature which needs to be keep in mind before start selling online. Some of the most vital things include your URL, webstore and cart platform, payment gateway and shipping partners. In this blog post, we talk about the webstore and cart platform.

Pre-requisites to consider in a web store platform:   

  • Easy and well- designed for listing your product.
  • The platform should provide good features to improve the ability, design, and customization featuring.
  • Basic and simple cart processing flow
  • Healthy data reporting tools
  • Easy integration with multiple payment gateways

Currently there are multiple options to choose your cart for your online stores. Selecting one without comparing with other solutions in the market would be partial. Each platform could offer a different set of features and is made for different types and sizes of businesses you may choose as per your need of the business.

Here we planned to compare four of the most popular e-commerce platforms to make your decision easily.

Let’s Begin!

Magento : It is an open – source platform system for e-commerce websites which is widely use to list and in the card tool of the e-commerce sites. And it is developed on PHP framework and Linux framework which can easily supports the both – an enterprise and a community.




Shopify : It uses in a very large scale as it is famous globally due to its functionality.



WooCommerce:  It is a an open source plugin for the WordPess  , which may help you to set up your online stores easily if you have a WordPress site. It can give the maximum support and control over it.

Opencart : It is also an open- source system for e-commerce websites which is popular in the communities of Australia and Europe.

Making the comparison easier with info graphics:

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