How to boost SEO for Redesigned Website

How to boost SEO for Redesigned Website

December 18, 2018 123 By Netleaf Software

How to boost SEO for Redesigned Website:In this age of digitalization the world is rapid due to internet availability for everyone and to have the pageant as leader in this with a modernized presence of the business is the demand which can only fill by the supply of an updated website designing or redesign your old website to the new with some evolution in the older design with a best UI/UX and an app supportive website.

But, the matter of fact we have as we more an old website to a new form of, it may decrease the traffic for the particular website which may impact the sales of the business. So here it is explained how to remain the same ranking in SEO, or maybe even better with your refurbished website, attractive organic traffics.

Few Error Occur while performing the changes in the website like Error 404 which can be replace by 301.It may happen while refurbishing the website, some URL’s changed. Even if you not moving to a new domain and it is a fussy thing. Because the deleted pages can also be available at the search engine results and this affects the SEO Services.

To recover this problem you should map all the old pages to their new pages by redirecting all permanent redirect 301.

Create an XML sitemap of your website and like it with the Google Console. And because of the 301 redirecting the old pages will be passed to the new pages.

Unblock the Google

While refurbish is extremely needed to block Google from your website, as you don’t want user to have a bad experience. However, it is a common error which appears here designer forgot to unblock Google being blocked .Instinctively all your hard work of redesigning it is valueless, you SEO ranking falls, and so does your sales. To avoid this problem always make sure that Google is unlocked from your website before publication.

Securing Back links

Searching for web designing services and refurbishing your website, and changing the site URL too, you need to note a couple of things.

All connects or the inbound connections are the backlinks for SEO, which means spreading the link of your website to create its brand value and acquiring the market. Backlinks help rising authority for your webpage. When a website is rested and redesigned, with URL change included, Backlinks points to your old pages which need to be updated. As it is proven, direct links are always preferred more than redirect links; one should always work on the back-links of a website to make the most out of its content.


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