Google Bidding Feature Aims to Increase the Reach and Alertness

Google Bidding Feature Aims to Increase the Reach and Alertness

November 17, 2018 557 By Netleaf Software

Google has launched a new bidding strategy to increase the reach of the Google paid ads.

What is the New Bidding Strategy?

Google Bidding : It has designed a target impression which is designed to increase the share of your search ads which will be dint against the competitor. It helps in to design the bidding strategy for your paid campaigns’ goals for PPC Marketing .

How it is working and how to use it?

Here the Google will act smarter and will automatically set bids to hit the targeted goal for the PPC Campaign Management Company

. This will show up at the top of the page. Hereby, you will get three options to do that, Above the organic result, Anywhere in the page, Bottom of the organic search:


The target impression share is set at the level of the campaign. So, be appropriate about the keyword which makes sense for campaign to hit the goal to target Pay Per Click Service. This is the first step to set up an impression got Google Adwords.

The second step which is the most important as well it to also limit your Bid for a paid campaign.


If you looking for the smart campaign result standardize your search marketing approach which can be beneficial and you can also get connected to the searching community.


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