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Google Penalty Removal & Website Recovery Services India

You may encounter a situation when your webrank or web traffic drops down you have no idea why! Different types of elements can lead to this situation and there can be a sudden drop in the traffic. Loss in web traffic, loss in webrank is directly connected with your business loss. We at Nat Leaf Soft can diagnose this problem. Well, there are several hidden reasons which a normal person can’t find out and only an expert is required. There are chances of penalties which are being put by Google. May be your website is linked to a low, poor quality website or maybe your website is stuffed with keywords unnecessarily, web content may have some hidden texts which Google doesn’t like. And that’s how Google can push you down from the web ranks in its searches.

We offer the best Google Penalty Recovery service in India and ensure that whatever is lost is recovered. Our Google penalty recovery services make sure about on and off pages elements which may be the possible reasons leading to web rank drop or leading to penalties on any particular page of your website. With our penalty assessment services, your website will not only get back its web rank but also its web traffic. Working with you will get

Google Panda and Google Penguin Recovery Services

We know Google. It’s been long that we have been keeping an eye on its every activity. This search engines updates or changes its algorithms and brings up new guidelines for enhancing the relevant search outputs for the users. Since, it’s the largest search engine we know, it won’t let us to search for anything far or long for the things we want to search, hence Google sometimes puts a check on things like spam links which can direct the users to any place they don’t intend to go. This probably affects the website ranking. Google ranking depends on hundreds of factors, but since we are talking about Google penalties, we generally consider few elements which are have described below:

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