Tag: broad phrases

broad phrases : As per Google’s announcement on 31st July 2019, Broad Match Modifiers and Phrase Match keywords will begin matching to search queries that share the same meaning. This will help advertisers increase clicks and conversion by 3-4%.


Broad Match : It allows the ad to show when the keyword is present anywhere within the search query . If your keyword is chiffon sarees, then your ad will be shown for search queries such as printed chiffon sarees or sarees in chiffon but not for search queries such as silk sarees. Also, Broad match show for all close variants of the term as well as synonyms.


Phrase Match : Phrase match keywords must be present in the search query in the same order as mentioned by you. Denoted in quotes, if your keyword is “pink pyjamas” then your ad will be shown for queries such as pink pyjamas for girls or pink pyjamas and t-shirts. Your ad will not show for queries such as pyjamas in pink color or pink and printed pyjamas. This match type also shows for the close variants but not for synonyms.