Top Laravel Security Measures You Should Know to Protect your Application

Laravel is one of the most familiar development platforms which is known for its performance and the dynamic user community. Out of the box, Laravel is also appreciated for its security. However, it is a fact that no framework that could claim to be 100% secure, and there is always a better scope for improvement when it comes to the security of the Laravel applications. The demand for Laravel development services is constantly rising.

The best thing about Laravel security is that whenever an issue or glitch is detected, the support team takes care of it as soon as possible. However, you should always keep your focus on the security features of your Laravel applications and web portal.

As you know that Laravel comes with amazing security features that are capable to make your application secure. You have to consider the one that suits best according to your coveted security demands. In this blog, I have complied together, a list of major security loopholes and the features of Laravel that are made to fix them. To illustrate the features presented, I am considering a Laravel based management system.

Amazing Laravel Security Features You Should Know About

Best Authentication System

Laravel already comes with a strong user authentication process in place. This also has associated boilerplate code which is available in the scaffolding. Laravel makes use of “guards” and “providers” which makes the complete authentication process even more secure. The mission of “guards” is to validate users for every request that is being made. On the other hand “providers” expedite retrieving back the users directly from the database.

There is just a need for setting up the controllers, databases, and models. Throughout the process, authentication traits are developed into the application. You can also take web development services for to make efficient use of “guards” and “providers.”Laravel has Eloquent ORM

  • This is also recognized as object-relational mapping.
  • Each Table in the database comes with a model.
  • This offers scope for code reusability.
  • Employing Eloquent ORM helps in preventing SQL Injection.
  • It is important to follow its syntax for the query to the database.

Cross Site Scripting for Security against XXS Attacks

While XSS attacks occur, the intruder gets access to JavaScript (normally into a form’s text fields) into your web application or website. Now, at the time when new visitors access the attacked page of the application, the script will be run with a malicious impression.

Considering the situation where a blogging platform enables users to leave comments on the blog posts. Now under this situation, a user with malicious purpose access the following JavaScript code in the comments: <script>alert(“You are hacked”)</script>

When there is no XSS security in position the vulnerabilities of Laravel will increase. Laravel provides native support that defends the code from all sorts of XSS attacks.Summing Up

Credit goes to the inbuilt Laravel security features which makes it completely secure. The security of Laravel can be considered better than other frameworks of PHP. However, there are several things you can do to secure your Laravel code. Want to know more about them?

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