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Google Search Console for Website Development in 2020

Website Development : Everybody wants to ascertain their website to rank on the primary page of Google which actually demands you to figure smartly on your website development. But does one know what all aspects you would like to figure upon to urge good traffic?

If you’re thinking to spend tons of cash to enhance your website’s SEO then wait a moment here is a tremendous free tool which can assist you to urge good traffic and substantially increase your visibility on the web. The tool is Google Search Console earlier it had been called Google Webmaster Tool, it’s been given a replacement identity thanks to improved features.

Many users haven’t recognised the general potential of Google Search Console, this text will explain you everything intimately so on assist you together with your website development and seo services.

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (GSC) may be a free SEO service to assist you understand how Google views your website and provides the info and report in order that you’ll maintain and monitor your website ranking.

Here are another reason to use GSC

  • After signing in to the GSC means you’re allowing Google to access your web page.
    It helps you deliver the content that’s visually engaging.
  • It fixes malware or spam issues and helps you with clean website development.
  • With Google Search Console you’ll track those queries which made google crawler to bring your website in search results.
  • You can also compare the queries with one another in terms of the results you bought from them.
  • To see the Backlinks in your website.

How to use Google Search Console for Optimised SEO services?

1.Track underperforming keywords to enhance rankings

Tracking of underperforming keywords is important once you are looking to urge a ranking on google. Basically, these are called underperforming because they are doing not allow you to rank higher.

As per the study, the web site on #2 spot had 15% more traffic than the one at #7 spot. Now you’ll imagine how important it becomes to settle on the proper keyword to rank high.

You can get the underperforming keyword report from the google search console, attend the “search results” then click “average CTR” and “average position”. Thereafter from the queries report you’ll get the ranking number for a specific keyword thus helping you in website development. To summaries, this console will provide you with the clicks, impressions, CTR and position for a keyword.

2.Ranking of your page for a specific keyword

On the google search console, you’ll see the last metric as a mean position tab, which tells the position of yours for a selected keyword. you’ll be getting different settings within the console to seem at the report as per your convenience.

In the queries tab, you’ll get the results for a selected keyword with their positions ahead of them. Although the overall report only displays the typical ranking of your entire website development for each keyword.

The best part is you’ll even have a glance at how these minor adjustments and optimisations impact the web site ranking.

3.Interactive console for website owners

It has various matrix and graphs which helps in understanding the general analytic so on deliver better SEO services. These are:

Total clicks: Total number of your time the visitors click on your website under a specific time-frame.

Total impressions: the amount of your time your website appears on the search results for a specific query.

Average CTR: this suggests what percentage times users clicked on your website when it appeared on the search results.

(Average CTR= Total click / Total impressions)

On the console, you’ll prefer to search for the performance of a full website or one page. Although it’s going to appear difficult initially, after using GSC you’ll get wont to it.

4.Google indexing for better Website development

On your google search console, you’ll visit coverage to seem out for any issue in crawling or google indexing. to incorporate your website in google SERP all the pages should be indexed by Google and if it’s reporting only a couple of of them then there’s some problem.

To analyse indexing of your website pages attend “coverage” on main console page and thereafter click “valid” to understand what percentage pages are literally indexed.

5.Request a page for google indexing

If you found Google has not indexed the pages in your website then you’ll submit an invitation from the console itself, doing this may assist you get amazing SEO services.

For that, you would like to click on URL inspection then enter the URL of your website for indexing within the search bar.

Thereafter google will compete for a test to seem for any error, if found ok then click “Request indexing”. Now leave it on google bot to crawl your website and register it index.

6.Submit a Sitemap URL

Sitemaps are helpful tools for users and google bot to know the architecture and basic structure of your website. Basically, search engines like google can index the pages on your website by crawling over them.

To help you with SEO equipped website development you’ll submit the sitemap through google search console, click “Sitemaps” then enter the “Sitemap URL” and thereafter click “Submit”.


Google search console is really a tremendous free tool for those that don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money to urge the SEO services, rather you’ll catch on free from google.

We aren’t saying that google search console can replace other SEO consultants but you’ll the foremost of it from this free tool by google.

To hit the proper keyword is that the ultimate goal for each website owner and better website development, which can cause you to rank high and substantially invite huge traffic to your website, therefore, to urge the #1 spot on SERP to google search console will play a number one role.

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