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The Notable Web Designing Practices To Obtain Greater Business Success

Web Designing Practices To Obtain Greater Business Success : It shouldn’t come as a surprise that web designing can indeed be very overwhelming – in case you don’t know how to build an innovative and successful website. It has been reported that 48 per cent of people believe that website design is one of the major factors in deciding the credibility of a business. This is the reason why building a good website, with the help of a web designing service, matters in times like these when there is so much competition in every field of business.

Customers can easily dissect a good website from a bad one – because a bad website design will always leave them confused and frustrated. Unless you want to treat your customers like that, the better option would be to opt for web design practices that will make your customers happy – with the help of professional web designing services. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best practices that you can afford to integrate into your website design, to make your relevant business a success.

Significant Web Design Practices That Will Make Your Business A Success

1. Always Keep Your Branding Constant

If your website design lacks consistency, then it can become confusing and stressful for your customers. The best way to design a B2C or B2B website is to keep the branding consistent throughout your entire website. Continue to use the predetermined brand logos, colours and other elements on every page of your business website.

Such a concept applies to iconography, images, typography as well as videos too. Your brand should be supported and evident in every part of the website that your customer will visit.

2. Generate Strong Call To Action Buttons

The two main reasons why you’re building a website for your business in the first place is because – you want to tell your customer what you’re offering and also attract them. Therefore, your main goal should be to instigate your customer to complete a certain action – be it signing up or even downloading a free ebook. With the help of strong call to action button implementations, you’ll be able to turn your website visitors into new clients or leads – with the help of the best web designing service.

You shouldn’t keep the call to action buttons as an afterthought and therefore implement it before your website goes live for the first time. Moreover, these buttons should be positioned in their correct places which will make sense for the target market – with the help of a website designing company. For instance, you need to place buttons like ‘Learn More’ more upon the webpage while buttons like ‘Contact Us’ should be placed further down.

3. Optimise Your Website For Faster Loading Times

Reports suggest that one second of extra page loading time could lead to 27 per cent loss in overall sales. Moreover, in the year 2013, the average size of websites also grew by 32 per cent. This means that you need to strike a balance between your overall website size and the loading times – with the help of the best e-commerce website development services. Therefore, your website loading speed should be close to around two to three seconds.

It has been further reported that 47 per cent of website visitors want their websites to be loaded within two seconds at most and 40 per cent of website visitors will leave the website altogether if the loading speed is more than three seconds. So, what can you do to keep the loading times low? Follow the below suggestions for the same:

  • Implementing A CDN Or Content Delivery Network – A CDN will help to take your website’s static resources such as images and CSS and will deliver them to a server that is closest to the user. Since the server will be physically close to the user’s access point, the loading times will be less.
  • Using Less Number Of Plugins – Plugins are useful, but too much can slow your website down.
  • Reducing The Size Of The Images – It has been reported that 61 per cent of a website’s processing by a computer’s web browser goes into the images. This means that you have to reduce your image size without sacrificing quality – thereby saving bandwidth and promoting faster loading times.

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