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Top five new web development trends and technology in 2020

Web Development Company in India: Web development trends and technologies are continually changing for the betterment for the web developers. We live in an internet world where everything changes every second. So, you all need to cop up with the speed of evolving. Because just like other fields that are important for you to keep up with the latest trends and technology. We are here the web development company in India try to cop up with the latest trend and technologies. That is why, for your information, I have made the most powerful top five web development trends and technologies in 2020.

1) Single Page Applications

A single page application is a web application or an advanced website. A website is crucial for every business. Top web development companies in India helps you in making stunning mobile-friendly websites. A single page application is a web application in which the server rewrites and loads the current page for the user rather than load the whole page for the user. A single page application improves load time performance. The Web Development Company in Gurgaon has experienced developers that can make you the best websites for your business. A single page application is indeed the great trends for the users that are surfing from one website to another.

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2) Chat bots

Chat bots are artificial software. Chat bots will become popular in 2020, and people use it widely. Alexa and Siri have already become popular, and Virtual assistants have not only helped small businesses but also big enterprises. A chat bot is an application that mimics your spoken language to have a conversation on the other side of a phone. Netleaf Software, the best web development company in Gurgaon, provides solutions for chat bots.

3) Programming language

There are tons of programming languages available for you to choose from your website. That is not necessary for you to learn all languages, but you should learn the few that are popular to follow. As you know, AI and machine languages are becoming popular and trendy. So, learn the most famous machine language, Python. For front-end, undoubtedly JavaScript will still hold the first place. But JavaScript is evolving too, so, developers need to learn the basics and the latest versions of JavaScript like NPM or Yarn. NPM is a Node package manager that makes it easy for developers to rewrite or share with others. The best website development company in Gurgaon uses the latest languages to cope up with the competition with ease.

4) Frameworks

There are a bunch of updates in frameworks like in JavaScript frameworks, CSS libraries frameworks, web content, etc. Learn the latest JavaScript framework like Node JS, React, or vue. There are not new but right now it is in use. There are updated versions of CSS frameworks to help in designing the website in a new and exciting way. The website development company in Gurgaon uses the latest frameworks for making websites.

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5) Voice search

Voice search is in trends and develops by Google. Voice search makes Google search easy. It is mainly to search on the web through voices. Voice searches can affect SEO work. So, developers should add the richest snippets for the voice search. This trend is for the laziest typist who does not like to write and prefer speaking in everything like typing a message or writing a comment on Face book, etc. The web development company in India has been trying to follow the latest trends and technology, and keep on tracking the updates.


I hope this blog will help you understand and shed some light on the latest trends and technology in 2020. If you have any recommendations to add, then please leave a comment. Top web development companies in India is here to help you with any doubt of yours.

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