Latest trends in web technologies | Netleaf Software

Latest trends in web technologies | Netleaf Software

July 26, 2019 58 By Netleaf Software

Latest trends in web technologies : The web development industry is doing a great job by coming up with new frameworks, design trends and mobile web app development to satisfy the demands and expectation of mankind. If you are in  IT company and want to be updated then you must aware about various web technologies that are dominating the entire web industry. To give you a foresight here’s the some developments trends of 2019 like:

  • Single Page Application: It boosts performance & minimizes interruptions.
  • Motion UI: It enables developer to animate content as easy and possible without having java libraries.
  • Cyber security: website hacking, data theft are the darkest shadow of technology. Thus cyber security won’t disappear soon.
  • Mobile friendly website: They use touch controls and can fit on small screens for quick navigation.
  • Java script: This scripting language makes you write lesser code
  • Jquery & many more.

So no matter what project you’ll be working on in 2019, find time to update your skill set and learn new languages & new frameworks to stay on top of your game. And for those who are planning to change their job or career, try web technologies its fun challenging and exploring.

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