Graphic Design: Things you need to know before pursuing a career

Graphic Design: Things you need to know before pursuing a career

April 30, 2019 232 By Netleaf Software

Everything has an associated design. The importance of design has reached sky high since the evolution of digital media and hence the world today cannot function without graphic designing and the associated attributes of designing. Design is needed for everyday things but there are few strange factors which has, not just, haunted the graphic designers in Gurgaon for so long but also has an impending influence on the scope of graphic Design Services in India


Design Degree


  •  The first and foremost thing to note in the design industry is that the value for design  differs widely in india from that of the rest of the world.
  •  Research has shown that a lot of graphic designing company in Gurgaon with reputed graphic designers do not possess a degree from design universities despite being good with the technologies.


Design Tools


  • Graphic design employs a set of different tools for visual communication.
  • A lot of designers restrict themselves to a particular tool to achieve all the features of the design. They can instead make use of multiple tools based on the need, for example, Illustrator can be used to work on the vectors while photoshop can be used to edit graphic content.
  • The use of typography for typefaces has also been a subject of debate among indian graphic designers.


Core Properties


  • Most of the designers fail to recognise that a design achieved through graphic can perform better than the web. It then becomes difficult to identify assets which can speed up the time. This marks its difference with all the other creative web designing company in Gurgaon.
  • The ultimate purpose of Graphic design is not widely understood. It is mainly used to print posters, banners, flyers etc. Hence the color mode is always CMYK and tools like photoshop and illustrator will come in handy with the design. This forces the designer to keep the printing colors in mind before designing.
  • Graphic design is more than just photoshop. A lot of people restrict themselves to just photoshop. It is a culmination of different tools to produce a single hybrid graphic. LightRoom, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator Etc.
  • A fairly less usage of design platforms like Behance, Dribble etc for personal development.


Graphic design companies in gurgaon has seen a lot of ebbs and flows. But the time looks really good for budding graphic designers. Even though, lack of degree wouldn’t give you a hard time, it is really important to be in good terms with the academic principles. Following design specific publication standards will also help in developing the skills. Hence, looking into the future with innovation as the key is the job description of a graphic designer.

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