How do you know which is the better website company?

How do you know which is the better website company?

September 16, 2019 11 By Netleaf Software

The best website development company in Gurgaon: Being the top web development companies in India, they have to follow the latest trends in the development industry, and try their best to be on the top position. The web revolved around the internet and WWW, whatever is happening around the internet and browsers. Nowadays, the browser doesn’t support the old language. So, you have to update your website according to it.


A full-stack developer knows the language which we used at the client-side, and also they know about the backend language. The client-side means where the user interacts with the browser and the backend means where the user has no involvement. The backend mean server area where the only developer knows what is going on? The client-side languages are HTML, CSS, Javascript. The backend means server and database. The server languages are PHP, Dot net, Java, Python, NodeJS, etc. The SQL languages are Oracle, My SQL, Mongo DB, etc. The best website development company in Gurgaon has the full-stack developers and knows about both the client-side and server-side.

The best website development company in Gurgaon follows a systematic pattern so that they won’t be late in the delivery of their projects. This is another reason to know which is the better company? The systematic pattern is known by the web development life cycle. The life cycle has the following steps, namely:


  1. Project planning: Before beginning your project, you should plan the overall strategy to follow and make a road map.
  2. Requirement definitions: After making a whole plan, now it’s time for making a list of requirements.
  3. Design: After knowing the requirements, this is the time for the designer team to design a layout and make attractive banners and web pages.
  4. Development: Now, developers code the website and fetch their data in the database. The developer makes sure the website works perfect on the internet.
  5. Integration and test: After the developer completes the coding, the tester checks the work and finds out an error if any, before sending it to the client.
  6. Installation and acceptance: After the tester gives the green signal, they show it to the client. After acceptance by the client, maintenance teamwork start of installation.

After the introduction of IoT, The web industry grows more than ever. What is IoT? IoT means connecting computers, digital machines, objects, animals or people who have unique identifiers, and the ability to transfer data from human to human or human to computer. The IoT is successful because of the sensors  and the real-time analogies they have used. Applications of IoT which are successfully running are:

1) Smart home and elder care: Smart home means you can control your home appliances with your phone or by your little interaction like a clap. For example, if you clap one time light is switched on and if you clap two then the light is switched off. The elder care is the most important and useful because the elderly could not do the work properly but with the help of IoT they can do and IoT can help them.


2) Medical and health care: IoT for medical care related purposes like data collection, analysis for research and monitoring. Smart health care means digitize everything. IoT helps doctors to monitor remotely. The web development company in Gurgaon uses the latest trends to make websites.

3) Transportation: IoT helps in transportation and smart traffic control. IoT tells you about delays, damages of the road before you leave the house.

IoT is a great innovation in the web industry. The website development company in Gurgaon provides you the best services and deliver you on time, that is why It is the best web development company in Gurgaon.

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