Advanced Neuro-Technology launched for AI, image recognition.

Advanced Neuro-Technology launched for AI, image recognition.

November 27, 2018 2509 By Netleaf Software

Advanced Neuro-Technology launched for AI, image recognition:When we hear a word Neuro we have many thoughts comes in our mind, as it is one of the very complicated and sensitive part of a human body which operates the functionality of the entire body.

This medical science has introduced a latest technology as the Neuro-technology it has launched a new deep neural network-powered interactive web platform for Artificial Intelligence-based image recognition applications. makes convenient, effective, and face image recognition accessible to users of any level of experience with image recognition, including first-time users, according to the announcement. The company says users can develop customized deep-learning models for image classification without writing code through the platform’s spontaneous interface.

Tools provided by include an image labeling toolkit, which reduces the time ingesting of an important process, an interactive model training atmosphere with statistics for users to measure and track model performance, and workflow assistance from Neuro-technology experts for custom projects. Trained models can be deployed to the platform or through REST APIs.

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